BTECH Leadership


Your experience at Bridgerland Technical College may be different than any other educational experience you have had. The “hands-on, competency-based” approach to learning at the College has been proven to increase knowledge, understanding, personal motivation, and career success. If you understand the purpose of the instructional methods used, your education experience will be more successful and enjoyable.

While you are a student at Bridgerland, you may notice instructional differences from the traditional classes you may have taken in the past. Instructors do not just lecture and students do not just take tests. With our “hands-on, competency-based” instruction, learning occurs by working through modules designed to help you master not only the program material but also the art of how to learn. With these modules you will be given verbal and/or written instructions and then you will work on textbook readings, assignments, video/audio clips, hands-on activities, demonstrations, etc. to help you gain a greater understanding of the subject. While you work through this learning process, your instructor is there to provide feedback and guide your thinking to help you find the answer. Think of your instructors as personal tutors when you can’t seem to find the answer or don’t understand a concept.

In your new career, you will most likely be given a task and expected to understand and complete it with little or no supervision. Like in the workplace, at Bridgerland you will learn how to solve problems and find answers while learning and mastering new skills but with the added feature of your instructor as a “personal tutor.” Your instructors are not there to give you the answers but rather to help you find the answers. This allows you to progress in a self-paced, individualized manner taking the pressure out of “keeping up with the group.” Students find this a very relaxing and enjoyable way to learn. It allows each student time to practice and master each skill set while receiving one-on-one feedback from an industry professional.

Welcome to Bridgerland Technical College’s “hands-on, competency-based” learning. We hope you discover through your Bridgerland experience the excitement and reward this learning style has to offer.